Cardi B reveals her newly inked face and arm tattoos. Did the fans guess right? Let us find out.

Last month, hair stylist Luis Santana took to his Instagram Stories to share a video clip of Cardi B getting a face tattoo. But the face tattoo was a mystery to many, but some guessed it right.

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Finally, the ‘WAP’ took to Instagram Live on Saturday (Sept. 10) to show off the tattoos she inked on her face. As guessed by some fans the rapper inked her face with the name Wave, Cardi B’s son. Additionally, she inked her arm with her daughter’s name, Kulture.

“I tatted my son’s name because I love him,” Cardi told fans in the video. She added: “And I tatted my daughter’s name,” showing off the ink on her bicep.

Watch Cardi B’s live video below:

Cardi B Reveals her new face and arm tattoos

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