Drake Takes A Little Break From Music

Drake Takes A Little Break From Music: Focus More on Health

Drake takes a little break from producing music and tries to focus on his health. Hours after releasing the new album 'For All The Dogs',...
Charli XCX teases new album

Charli XCX teases new album: “Album 6 I guess”

Charli XCX teases new album on Instagram. Charlotte Emma Aitchison, also known as Charli XCX has given a hint on an upcoming album. Cambridge-born singer...
Armani White at Osheaga

Armani White at Osheaga: Performs with Billie Eilish on stage

Look who performed together with Billie Eilish at the Osheaga festival this weekend. It's Armani White at Osheaga. What a reaction from the crowd after...
Earthquake at Eras show

Earthquake at Eras show: Taylor Swift fans have gone crazy

Was there an Earthquake at Eras show by Taylor Swift? Let's find out. Taylor Swift performed incredibly during the two days at Lumen Field on...
Ed Sheeran Surprises Fans by bringing out Eminem

Ed Sheeran Surprises Fans by bringing out Eminem On Stage

Ed Sheeran surprises fans during the Detroit show. Look who joined Ed Sheeran from below. What an unexpected guest appearance during Ed Sheeran's show in...
Beauty Tip By Jennifer Lopez

Beauty Tip By Jennifer Lopez: Try it now for an instant...

Check out this incredible beauty tip by Jennifer Lopez. As usual, Jennifer Lopez has shared another incredible beauty tip with her Instagram followers. On July...
Iggy Azalea Celebrates Independence Day

Iggy Azalea Celebrates Independence Day: 17th Year in the US

Iggy Azalea celebrates independence day in the United States. It's the Australian rapper's 17th year in America. The 'Team' hitmaker was originally from Australia....
2 million $ violin - Karolina Protsenko

2 million $ violin – Karolina Protsenko Vlog | OMG

How amazing it is to play a 2 million $ violin. An incredible moment for Karolina Protsenko. Related: Dream Christmas Present by parents – Karolina...
Cardi B Gets Emotional

Cardi B Gets Emotional: Celebrates Daughter Kulture’s Graduation

Cardi B gets emotional after seeing her daughter graduating pre-kindergarten. On June 23, the rapper shared several photos of this special moment on her Instagram...
New single by Olivia Rodrigo

New single by Olivia Rodrigo: ‘Vampire’ is finally on the way

Here is some exciting news for Olivia Rodrigo fans. A new single by Olivia Rodrigo is on the way. On June 13, the 'Driver’s License'...