Look who performed together with Billie Eilish at the Osheaga festival this weekend. It’s Armani White at Osheaga.

What a reaction from the crowd after seeing Armani White at the Osheaga festival. The Philadelphia rapper was welcomed to the stage by Billie Eilish. Armani shared the stage together with Billie Eilish to perform the famous hit ‘Billie Eilish’.

Before Armani appeared, Billie Eilish teased the rapper by announcing the audience: “You know that song, ‘Big T-shirt, Billie Eilish’.”

A video of the performance was shared on YouTube by a fan. Check it out below.

This performance was one of the best moments of Armani White because it was the first time he met Billie Eilish. The rapper joined an interview with iHeartRadio and said: “That was the first time we met, I mean we spoke before like we definitely spoke a bunch.”

After the performance, Armani shared his thoughts on Twitter.

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