Olivia Rodrigo becomes a hitchhiker to surprise the kids of Jimmy Kimmel.

Look who’s here in Jimmy Kimmel Live, it’s the ‘Drivers License’ hitmaker. Jimmy Kimmel and his wife have invited Olivia Rodrigo as a special guest while driving their kids to school.

Jimmy who was driving the car beside his wife asked about school from his daughter Jane and son Billy. They asked if they were excited to ‘learn things in school today,” Jane replied, “Not really… I don’t like school.” On their way to school, Jimmy picked up a very special person for their ride. This special person showed up as a hitchhiker and Jimmy’s daughter Jane was shocked after seeing who the special person was. The special person was Olivia Rodrigo.

Olivia Rodrigo hopped into the car and joined the kids who were in the back seats. They sang Olivia’s ‘Ballad Of A Home Schooled Girl’ together, which was a favourite of Jane. Later it was followed by Billy’s favourite ‘Get Him Back’.

On the show, Jimmy did not forget to thank Olivia Rodrigo for making his kids happy. “Hey, thank you for getting up early and giving my kids a real thrill,” he said. “It was so much fun,” Olivia replied. “I hope they had a good time.”

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