Macklemore says ‘Free Palestine’ in his latest protest song ‘Hind’s Hall’.

Many artists around the world have expressed their thoughts on social justice through songs since the Israel-Gaza conflict. Regarding social justice, American rapper Macklemore, who recently released ‘Hind’s Hall’, has also marked his name on the top.

‘Hind’s Hall’ was released on May 6, 2024, just after the death of a six-year-old Palestinian kid. According to reports, the child was killed by the Israeli military. The song has gotten huge attention on social media and as a result, Macklemore’s follower count has been increasing rapidly.

When it comes to the music video, the rapper has used clips of protests (support for Palestine), police, and political faces.

Macklemore has used amazing lyrics on the song to spread the word of Free Palestine. In the 2nd verse, he raps: “Screamin’, “Free Palestine” ’til they’re home at last (woo)”.

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Macklemore has become fearless in performing the song and speaking about Palestine publicly. Lately, he performed ‘Hind’s Hall’ in many live concerts. His latest performance was in Germany. During his performance, the rapper shared a message with the crowd. He spoke about Palestinian rights and everyone’s freedom. As a response, the crowd cheered and waved the Palestinian flags.

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