Doja Cat has finished her third upcoming studio album.

The American rapper, Doja Cat has completed another studio album and holding it to release at the right moment. This is Dojos’s third studio album following Amala and Hot Pink, which released in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Doja also admitted to holding the release due to various things right now. Recently Dojo Cat and Fat Joe went live on Instagram. Dojo said, “It’s all ready. It’s all ready. I hate that I’m holding on to it right now, I don’t like this because every time I go on Twitter, I go on Instagram I see everybody is like, ‘Put it out, put it out’, and I’m like, ‘I would’, like, you have to plan things accordingly and there’s a lot going on.”

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She continued: “So to just drop everything tomorrow or in five minutes…yeah I’d love for you to hear it but you just can’t be doing stuff like that.”

However, the singer refuses to give a release date of the album as it is a surprise. “I’m always kind of winging it. I have my album coming – can’t say when. I really want to make it a surprise. I don’t want to say too much. Each song has its own personality. It’s not gonna be perfectly consistent – I’ve never been, anyway. But we have some dancehall stuff on there, some Afrobeat stuff, some funk, house. I’m trying to cover all bases, ” Doja said.

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