Megan Fox showed off MGK’s nickname tattoo at American Music Awards 2020.

As a couple, Megan and MGK appeared on an award show for the first time. The ‘Transformers’ star presented on the show while her boyfriend performed.

The lovebirds tattooed each other’s nickname on them, MGK has a tattoo of Megan’s nickname and Megan has a tattoo of the 30-year-old rapper. This whole new tattoo thing popped up with MGK’s recent song, “Banyan Tree (Interlude),” the lyrics of it.

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However, no one has a clue of their tattoos properly until a Twitter user spotted and revealed a tattoo of Megan assuming that Megan Fox showed off the Tattoo at AMAs.

“we finally have a close up of megan’s tattoo and it says ‘el pistolero’ which is spanish for the gunman aka machine gun kelly!!! my fucking heart,” the twitter user posted.


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