Brooklyn rapper pop smoke has reportedly died after a home invasion in Hollywood. he was 20 years old. Los Angeles Police disclosed to Radio 1 Newsbeat a man was taken shots at his home and later pronounced dead.

In less than a year, smoke went from the streets of Canarsie, Brooklyn to the forefront of new york’s burgeoning drill scene.

Pop said at Genius interview,

“Where I come from, there’s a lot of shit lot of people take drugs to ease their pain, to cope with their problems. When you are in the party, you T’d Up, there’ not telling what you’re gonna do. just free, fearless.”

He even claimed to hold the much-coveted title of the king ‘King Of New york.’

Rhyming over sinister-sounding beats that could score a horror movie, Pop’s singular deep and gravelly voice was a breath of fresh air in hip-hop.

He drew on the lineage of New York greats like 50 Cent and even interpolated one of his lyrics on the aforementioned “Christopher Walking.”

I ain’t no window shopper
you man out here window shopping

Christopher Walking – Pop Smoke

Niggas, yous a window shopper
Mad at me,
I think I know why

Window Shopper – 50 Cent

His first project, “Meet the Woo,” released in July 2019. contained the aforementioned “Welcome to the party” as well as “Dior.”

Watch DIOR – Pop Smoke Official Music Video

His only billboard hot 100 appearances came from his effort on JACK BOYS,” Gatti,” which peaked at 69.

Watch JACKBOYS, Pop Smoke, Travis Scott – GATTI Official Music Video

Hip-hop has had a rough 2020 – from the passing of Chicago rapper Juice WRLD’s in December 2019 and A$AP member J.Scott to Nef the Pharaoh’s recent family tragedy.

50 Cent was one of the numerous rappers, DJs and producers that paid tribute via social media, as did rapper Quavo, who Pop Smoke had collaborated with.

Last year he talked about wanting to make music that encourages children who are arising up in poverty.

I make music for kids like that who know they just gotta keep going, that there’s a better way. That’s who I really make it for.

Pop Smoke

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