Akon denied to sign with Drake and he revealed the reason to it.

In the middle of the year 2000, Akon and Drake planned to sign a contract. However, a Demo of Drake was sent to Akon before the release of Drake’s single, ‘Best I Ever Had’.

But the american singer Akon denied from signing with Drake. The reason for it is the real surprise.

“Drake sounded more like Eminem. With that demo that I heard? He was sounding more like Em. But I think that was around the time when… That’s every artist developing. You can see the difference between that demo and ‘Best I Ever Had.’ It was completely different.”

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The above discussion was revealed by Akon during an interview with  VladTV.

Akon continued: “That’s when Kardi was like, ‘Nigga, I told you this nigga was [gonna] be the shit.’ I said, ‘Well shit, reach out!’ He said you can but the slowest bid right now is a million.’ I said, ‘Shit, I ain’t got a million dollars.”

Watch why Akon denied to sign with Drake

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