After the release of a live-action performance of the lion king in 2019, a year later, Beyonce presents the world with a visual album, “Black Is King.”

Black Is King is a 2020 visual album directed, written and executive produced by singer-songwriter Beyoncé.

and includes jay-z, kelly Rowland, Lupita nyong’o, Naomi Campbell, and of course blue ivy.

“black is king is finally here I worked with a diverse group of very gifted directors and actors

and creatives from all over the world to re-imagine the story of the lion king but it all started in my backyard,” Beyonce said in the interview.

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in 2019’s the lion king Beyonce started as Nala and released the accompanying soundtrack the lion king.

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The gift with original tracks based upon the 1994 classic even mood forever and inspired by the iconic ‘Hakuna Matata.’

just went back and forth the tracklist featured African artists like the African giant Burna boy, Nigeria’s Mr easy and whiz kid, Ghana’s Shatta, and many more.

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