Dr.Anthony Fauci has announced that the live concerts and their venues could reopen very soon in the fall of 2021.

The Coronavirus has become a global pandemic that impacts various types professions including live performing concerts.

Many live performing musical events have to be canceled with the rules of social distancing. People can’t gather at places, especially at live performance concerts where a large audience gets together. As a solution, the art industry streamed many events online.

However, Dr.Anthony Fauci believes that the concert venues and theaters could be reopened if necessary steps are taken. He suggests that 70 to 85 percent of the population should receive the vaccination, then we can have hope for reopening theaters.

“If everything goes right, this is will occur sometime in the fall of 2021,” Dr. Fauci said at the conference, held by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals.

He further said: “so that by the time we get to the early to mid-fall, you can have people feeling safe performing onstage as well as people in the audience.”

The 80-year-old physician and immunologist also answered the question of “why restaurants, bars, gyms, and places of worship have already opened at some states?” while other performing venues remain closed. By taking a German study of an indoor concert as an example Dr.Faucy suggests that the places previously mentioned, have a low amount of risk to spread “low to very low”. He further noticed that, as long as the necessary hygiene protocols and ventilation are taken, theirs nothing to worry about. He also suggests the performing arts to do more research on the German’s work in such situations. “What the performing arts need to do is to do a little bit more of what the Germans are doing,” the physician said.

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