Home News Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Relationship: rumors revealed

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Relationship: rumors revealed

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Relationship
Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Relationship(Twitter,instagram)

we all know that Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are engaged.

Ariana shocked fans with this exciting announcement on December 20th by sharing these pics of her, Dalton, and her stunning ring.

Fans who have been following closely along with Ariana’s love life know that Ari and Dalton started dating back in January of this year.

They were first spotted in public together at a Los Angeles bar in February when multiple news referred to Dalton as Ari’s new “mystery man.”

While the two were seen kissing, at the time no one knew who Dalton was.

Obviously, that changed and by March, People Magazine reported that the two started quarantining together at Ari’s place in New York City.

But when Dalton had to come back out to LA for work, Grande followed.

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When Ariana was in New York and Dalton was in LA, it was tough for them to see each other due to the lockdowns.

so the source added that Ariana decided to quote, “Take her chance. She purchased a house in the Hollywood Hills in June and never looked back. They are incredibly happy.”

So while we’ve heard about our fair share of devastating breakups this year, spending the lockdowns together actually brought Ariana and Dalton closer together and moved their relationship along quickly.

We love to hear about this kind of love!!

Many of Ariana’s past relationships have been very public, but this one definitely seems different.

They said quote, “Dalton is a great guy. He is very focused on work and low-key. He likes keeping his relationship with Ari private. They have been able to get to know each other in peace.”

And apparently, everyone in Ari’s inner circle agrees and loves Dalton for Ariana.

The source said, “Ari’s family is very happy. Everyone loves Dalton. He is great for Ari. This phase of her life has been very quiet and uneventful in a good way. They are very happy that she is marrying Dalton.”

Shortly after Ariana shared the news with fans, her mom Joan Grande tweeted saying, “I am so excited to welcome Dalton Gomez into our family! Ariana, I love you and Dalton so much!!!! Here’s to happily ever after! YAY! xoxoxo”

And Ariana’s brother Gay Frankie Grande commented on her engagement photos saying “I am so happy for you both and so excited to (officially) welcome Dalton into the family! YAY! This is just the beginning of a long-lasting life filled with laughter & love. Ugh. I love you both! HAPPY ENGAGEMENT.”

And last week Ariana shared some photos of herself, her new fiance, and her close family and friends spending the holidays together.

Seems like things are going so well for Ariana and Now we just can’t wait until the wedding! When it’s safe to gather again of course.