Billie Eilish lost a hundred thousand followers in the span of an hour

it happened the singer innocently participated in the post a picture challenge on Instagram and ended up causing quite a buzz.

when a fan requested the 10 times Grammy winner, share a photo of a drawing you’re really proud of the shared a page from her notebook that featured sets of women’s breasts and what resembled snake-like figures.

she captioned the eyebrow-raising image “these probably lol I love boobs” while billy herself found the post hilarious.

thousands of her followers did not in fact less than an hour later a diligent Twitter user noticed

that the star actually lost about 100000 IG followers from 73 million to 72.9 million following the Instagram story.

but billy’s not going to be the bad guy in this situation after catching the fact of the drop in followers.

she posts the side-by-side comparison pick to her Instagram story
and captioned it “l-m-f-a-o yaw babies smh”

along with a couple of skull head emojis

just last week billy warned her fans to stop making fun of her signature neon green highlights or she wouldn’t drop her upcoming album.

“it’ll be the end of an era I’m gonna give you a new era” she posted on her IG Story

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