Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox join a birthday celebration of MGK’s closest friend.

The two love birds traveled to Las Vegas together for a birthday celebration of MGK’s pal Luke “the Dingo” Trembath. The couple has been spotted packing some belongings into a vehicle. However, a source has confirmed that the duo joined a friend’s birthday in Las Vegas.

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Megan and Colson packing up the car had nothing to do with them moving in together. They were packing up the car after a weekend getaway in Las Vegas where they celebrated one of Colson’s friend’s birthdays,” Hollywoodlife reports.

Further according to Hollywoodlife, the source revealed that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox did not travel alone, they had friends of MGK joining them. As the source told Hollywoodlife, the ‘Transformers’ star has no problem of having a few people around her. It’s one of the reasons MGK falls in love with her. “They were also joined by a bunch of his EST19XX bandmates. It was mostly a guys’ trip but Colson insisted on having Megan join them because she’s so chill and really fits into any setting. That’s one of the reasons he’s so attracted to her and they had an amazing time even though she was surrounded by a bunch of rowdy guys the entire weekend,” the source explained.

The group had dinner at T-Bones, later did some shopping too. Another source told that the couple’s relationship is getting more stronger. The rapper truly loves her, will travel anywhere with her. “He’s completely devoted to her, he doesn’t really want to go anywhere without her,” he added.

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The 34-year old movie actress is so lucky to have a partner like Machine Gun Kelly. She strongly faces the divorce case with Brian Austin Green, MGK alongside her is a help.


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