BTS’s ‘BUTTER’ receives a social media shoutout from the legendary Rock band, Queen.

The K-Pop boy band BTS’s next English single will be ‘BUTTER,’ a follow-up to their debut megahit Dynamite. Dynamite also became the fastest MV to get 100M views in 24 hours.

BUTTER’ will be released on Friday, May 21 via HYBE Labels. Now the most interesting thing is that the legendary Rock band Queen’s Twitter account has shared the official Teaser of BTS’s next English hit ‘BUTTER’. “Are you ready hey are you ready for this…” Another One Bites The Dust x #BTS_Butter,” captioned by @QueenWillRock.

Meanwhile, the BTS Army expects that the band will use the single ‘BUTTER’ to pay tribute to the Queen. Because they did the same thing on their previous hit ‘Dynamite,’ a tribute to Michael Jackson.

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