BTS’s J-Hope apologizes to the TBS’s host Conan O’Brien.

During a South Korean variety show, BTS member J-Hope carelessly said ‘Curtain’ after seeing Conan O’Brien’s face. The 58-year-old television host did not take that well, J-Hope calling him ‘Curtain’.

O’Brien responded while watching BTS’s video clip. He said: “Curtain. He called me Curtain! … I’ll get you BTS, oh I’ll get you good. And by that I mean I’ll silently resent you.”

Later on May 7th Friday, BTS’s J-Hope apologizes to Conan O’Brien via a Tweet message from their official BTS Twitter account.

Meanwhile, BTS is getting ready to release their second English single ‘Butter,’ a follow-up to their successor ‘Dynamite’ which became the No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100.

Also, there will be a collab, BTS and Justin Bieber works on a new collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates.


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