Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, also known as Chance the Rapper has a passion to rap music from his very young age. Later the 27 year old rapper decided to choose music as his career, but his parents did not approved.

The rapper reveals his first rap song title as ‘The Black Definition’ while speaking on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon‘. He said: “The first rap I wrote was a song called ‘The Black Definition’ and I do not want to rap it right now.”

During the show, the rapper was asked about the support from others while growing up. He replied: “”I don’t know if they were supportive of it but it was understood.

“t was a thing that people knew that I rapped since I was a kid. It was a thing I was into and I moved my hands and stuff.”

However, with the success of Chance the Rapper, his father Ken Williams-Bennett understood what’s it meant by becoming a rapper. “My dad actually, right when I got out of high school, as parents do when their kids graduate from high school and they don’t go to college or get a job, It’s kind of like a friction thing,” Chance said. “But after we separated for a while, we got back together and he really helped guide me in terms of the amount of work and focus that I needed to work on it for the business side. And he still doing it to this day. But in the beginning my dad did not want me to be a rapper.”

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