Charlie Puth’s profile does not match to use his voice in the ‘Furious 7‘ movie.

The ‘Attention’ pop star has pulled back of singing in the ‘Fast and the Furious movie’ due to Charlie Puth’s profile does not match, although he co-wrote the track.

“It was very early on when they told me that I couldn’t sing ‘See You Again’ because I didn’t fit the profile of ‘The Fast and the Furious’, AKA I wasn’t cool enough and I had goofy music videos. I hadn’t even signed my deal yet, but I called them up and said that I wasn’t going to give them the song, then I hung up and miraculously, one week later, I’m singing it,” the 28 old singer said to British GQ.

The popstar claims that his journey as a musician has some drawbacks, includes when one of the most respected songwriters insults the lyrics of Charlie Puth in 2012. He also shared that the songwriter harshly said it at the moment. “pretty harshly at the time,” Charlie said.

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