Eminem is dead. Is he? The internet crashed with the hashtag on Twitter, ‘RIP Eminem’. On August 18 a Twitter message with ‘RIP Eminem’ hashtag gets the attention of the whole world. As everyone knows the legend Eminem is alive and safe. Over 20,000 Tweets mentioned on Twitter.

This may be a plan of Eminem haters to disrespect the Rapper. Eminem, already selected for the 2020 VMA Nominations.

However, some of the Twits are under the photos of many famous figures. Ellen DeGeneres, Vice President Mike Pence, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Holland, and even Justin Timberlake are among them.

A Twitter account with the name Tanya posted, “gone too soon.”

Another Twitter account under the name jeanine posted, “rest in piece i guess”. Also included a photo of Justin Timberlake.

Anyway there’s no confirmation on Eminem is dead.

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