WOW, Congratulations to Eminem on deserving the title of the best-selling male artist of the decade based on real album sales.

Download & Listen Music To Be Murdered By – Eminem Full Album

With his newest album “Music To Be Murdered By” Eminem propelled right to the top of all worldwide music charts. It is not like he was at the bottom, but his new release obviously sparkled even more public interest.

Here is the international artist ranking based on combined data from all iTunes and Spotify charts. This is Eminem leading digital sales all week now. Notice the gap between him and No two on this chart.

Watch Eminem – Darkness Official Music Video

Slim Shady sold 13.86 million albums over the past decade, third overall behind Adele (23.92 million) and Taylor Swift (22.97 million). Turning out the top 5 were Justin Bieber (12.09 million) and Drake (10.52 million). Shady also ranked No. 2 for the decade in song sales with a huge 63.50 million; Swift dominated that category with 75.89 million.


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