Finneas trashes Donald Trump with his latest solo track, ‘Where the Poison Is.’

After the announcement of the newest US President, Joe Biden, Finneas spot the perfect moment to release his latest single, ‘Where the Poison Is.’ In the new track, Finneas trashes Donald Trump by using some harsh lyrics. “When all my friends get sick it’s on the president/ When all my friends get sick it’s on his government,” the 23-year-old sings.

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Finneas also tweeted regarding his latest track with an animation of the White House. “You’re fired. ‘Where The Poison Is’ out everywhere now,” he wrote.

As the sister of Finneas, Billie Eilish also celebrated the victory of Joe Biden on Saturday. Billie shared a video of her excitement and also thanked who voted for Biden. “This is unbelievable, I am so happy,” she wrote on Instagram.

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