The Calm App is going to partner with Harry Styles to bring his voice to the app. Styles will narrate his voice for a 30-minute sleep story. The app title given is “Dream With Me.”

During a press conference, Styles explained how Sleep and meditation helped him during his career as a Musician. “Sleep and meditation are a huge part of my routine, whether I’m at home, in the studio, or out on the road. Rest and recovery is as important as doing the work. Finding a balance has been endlessly beneficial to both my physical and mental health. It’s changed my life. I’m so happy to be collaborating with Calm at a time when the world needs all the healing it can get. Treat people with kindness,” Harry said.

Many other stars also contributed to the app among Harry Styles. LeBron James, Laura Dern, Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Rowland, Lucy Liu, and more are among them.

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