Iggy Azalea celebrates independence day in the United States. It’s the Australian rapper’s 17th year in America.

The ‘Team’ hitmaker was originally from Australia. However, the rapper claims that the US is her home country.

No matter where she is from, Iggy Azalea celebrated the US Independence Day on July 4. The most notable thing about it is that the Australian rapper came to the States on July 4th 2006. So it’s her 17th year in America.

“Today is a special day for me because I came to America on July 4th 2006,” Iggy Tweeted.

“It was pretty surreal spending the day at home and watching fireworks in Miami with my son… I remember seeing them as the plane landed that first night. Happy 17th year here to me. What a wonderful life I have,” she added.

Meanwhile, fans can also get in touch with more Iggy Azalea content through her official OnlyFans account. The following is a promotional video shared on Instagram.

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