JUICE WRLD left this world by keeping some good memories. Ally Lotti shares their personal life.

It has been a year since the rapper died from a seizure at the age of 21. Many fans and loved ones celebrated his anniversary of death including his long-time girlfriend Ally Lotti.

As mentioned before, JUICE WRLD left this world with many memories that his girlfriend started to talk about. According to Ally Lotti, she has gone through three miscarriages, one happened after the death of the rapper. JUICE WRLD’s girlfriend has revealed these secrets through Twitter, but those tweets were deleted.

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“one of the many secrets ive dealt w alone,” she wrote alongside with photos.

“It’s all he wanted,” tweeted again. “We worked a lot and it took a tol [sic] on my body I was always sick. Three miscarriages and after he passed away one more due to stress … one of the first ppl to call me after he passed was my OB/GYN.”

Ally added more tweets on December 8, 2020. She wrote: “To this day, i can not get on a plane or hear sirens — tooo triggering.”

“I remember these moments minute by minute — last yr feels like mins away,” tweeted again while her last tweet says: “Times not real and it doesn’t heal.”

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