Kanye West plans to release some leftovers from his recently released album ‘DONDA’.

The album ‘DONDA’ is West’s tenth studio album which was released on August 29, 2021. According to a statement given by West’s sound engineer Nikolai Skrobat, Kanye West plans to release some unreleased music from the album.

“Actually this album is not finished yet,” Nikolai stated. “That is, it came out, but it is quite possible that after some time we will hear a different sound, options. themes, films.

“Now ‘Donda’ is out, and I’m working on his old tracks, because West wanted to go through all the archive and make a playlist of forgotten tracks. There are a lot of them. Therefore, in the near future I will work in this direction.”

The above statement was captured from Twitter, shared by a Kanye West fan account. Check it from down below.

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