Lil Nas X dropped a new version of “Rodeo,” his 2019 Cardi B collaboration. This time, Cardi B wasn’t on the song. Instead, Lil Nas X performed with the real Nas, the rap legend who’d given Lil Nas X three-sevenths of his name. The next day, Lil Nas X and Nas released the studio version of that “Rodeo” remix. And now, this music video is ridiculous.

Watch Lil Nas X – Rodeo (ft. Nas) Official Music video

Drawing influence to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video and the film The Matrix, the gruesome clip, directed by Bradley & Pablo, finds the Grammy award-winning artist transforms into a vampire after being bitten in the neck. 

Download & Listen Lil Nas X – Rodeo (ft. Nas) MP3

Nas X also took to Twitter to confirm that Cardi B couldn’t make the video shoot due to timing concerns. “I didn’t ‘kick’ Cardi off of rodeo. She couldn’t do the video. We cool tho,” he wrote.

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