After 4 years of silence, Lorde is back with some new music.

On June 10, the New Zealand singer Lorde released her latest single ‘Solar Power,’ a single from her upcoming album Solar Power. The album Solar Power is set to release on August 20th, 2021.

A few days ago the ‘Royals’ hitmaker shared the track list of her upcoming third studio album, a follow-up to album ‘Melodrama’.


  1. The Path
  2. Solar Power
  3. California
  4. Stoned in the Nail Salon
  5. Fallen Fruit
  6. Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)
  7. The Man with An Axe
  8. Dominoes
  9. Big Star
  10. Leader of a New Regime
  11. Mood Ring
  12. Oceanic Feeling

 The singer also revealed the cover art which is amazed by many. In the cover art, Lorde jumps over the camera which shows her bottom.

During ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ the 24-year-old singer explained about the feral cover art of Solar Power.

“It was just me jumping over a friend on the beach… It’s a little hardcore, but it was so joyful to me,” she explained. “It felt innocent and playful and a little bit feral.”

Watch Solar Power MV

Meanwhile, Lorde is ready to tour the world. The world tour is titled “The Solar Power Tour”. Check out the dates and tickets from here.

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