Machine Gun Kelly Disses On Megan Fox Late Night Diet.

The rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s and Megan Fox’s relationship is going viral these days. So there’s something new about these two lovers.

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Recently MGK appeared on  104.3 The Shark. During the interview, MGK explained the late-night diet of himself and Megan. According to the rapper, Megan’s and MGK’s diets differ from each other.

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“She’s probably ordering sushi,” the rapper said. “She eats super healthy. Everything is gluten-free and organic on her menu,” the rapper continued.

Machine Gun Kelly made fun of his diet too. “My menu’s like Shake Shack, cheeseburger,” he said. Kelly also explains the feeling of having healthier food like soup.

“It would be cooler if there was just a soup place that was open all night. I would just order soup all night…is not soup fire?! The soup goes super hard. I was not into the soup game for some years and now I totally get it. It’s almost like the adult cereal,” MGK said.

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