Machine Gun Kelly shared his thoughts about rock music while praising Kurt Cobain.

In a recent interview with Rock This With Allison Hagendorf, MGK shared his thoughts on rock music and later he praises Kurt Cobain. The rapper said: “The state of rock ‘n’ roll depends on rock stars. We need to have a face, multiple faces, and attitude again.

“If I fucking have to deal with politically-correct rock stars for another decade, I’m gonna… I can’t.”

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He continued: “I gotta see some ‘fuck you.’ I have to see some ‘fuck you. It’s like, the last decade when I would go to shows, and you’re like, ‘Yo, you guys sound cool, but why can’t I hear you fuck up? Why can’t I hear your guitars squeal, why do you not play bad notes? Are you even playing, are you plugged in?”

Then Machine Gun Kelly shared his thoughts on Kurt Cobain’s comments. The ‘Bloody Valentine’ said: “Fuck Pearl Jam, I fucking hate them.’ That’s cool! That’s the coolest thing ever! You’re like, ‘You can’t say that, Pearl Jam’s the biggest band in the world! How can you say that?’ But he did.

“And guess what I wanna do? Watch him do an interview every single time. Guess what I wanna do? Watch him go on an awards show and they’re like, ‘You’re gonna play ‘Teen Spirt.” And he’s like, ‘No I’m not, I’m gonna play ‘Rape Me.”

“You know what I wanna see? Someone be like, ‘Machine Gun Kelly, you’re a rapper.’ And I go, ‘Fuck you, I am whatever I wanna be. Here’s a punk rock album,” Kelly added.

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