MGK become a better person after he found the love of his life.

The ‘Bloody Valentine’ hitmaker’s latest album is Tickets to my Downfall, which has a huge connection with his love Megan Fox.

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“Tickets’ is essentially my diary, because I did fall in love during the making of this record, and I did become a better person,” the 30-year-old said to NME in an interview.


Colson Baker, also known as Machine Gun Kelly Continued: “It’s interesting, there was probably a crossroads in the middle of making this album where the title would have lived up to the reality. I think the universe caught on to me wanting to make a change. It was like: ‘Maybe we won’t make this a reality; maybe we’ll make this ironic.’ Instead of the downfall, go ahead and have the biggest rise of your f—king life.

“You know what’s so beautiful, bro? Love is the one thing that can’t be restricted, No one has the power to stop that, as much as so many have tried in my life thus far.”

On a previous occasion Kelly shared that its love at first sight.

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