Nicki Minaj reveals that his son ‘Ninja’ prefers classical music over rap music.

On May 16, the 38 year old rapper took twitter and shared some news regarding her son’s taste of music. According to the ‘Tusa’ hitmaker, her 8 month old son likes soothing music and do not prefer rap music. “He hated rap music when he was in my tummy. He’d kick rlly hard. But he was bopping a lil bit to #SeeingGreen b4 I released it. While pregnant I could only play him soothing music like Enya/classical, etc. he’d be more relaxed. It’s why i couldn’t rlly complete my album preggers (sic)”

Minaj also started this year by sharing some adorable pictures of her baby son. Watch baby PapaBear’s photo gallery for the first time.

Meanwhile, Minaj released a new track ‘Seeing Green’ featuring two other rappers, Drake and Lil Wayne.

The track was featured on Nicki’s newly released mixtape  “Beam Me Up Scotty“.

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