Post Malone joins a podcast show with Rogan’s podcast on Wednesday. The most eye-catching thing is the hat he wears. He wears a University of Utah hat.

Watch The Podcast|Post Malone joins Joe Rogan

The pop star Post Malone also shared about the decision he took to move to Utah.

“Everybody is so nice, everybody is so nice in Utah and I do not know what tour it was exactly but there was supposed to be 5,000 people expected to show up and then we end up getting to the show and there is 17,000 people. So we had to move it outside of the venue right on the salt flats and I was just like, if this isn’t a sign from God or the aliens then I don’t know what is so I looked on houses on Zillow and found one and fixed it all up and now I have been there two years just about,” Malone said.

“It is a good spot for a guy like you too because it is chill,” Rogan said in the podcast. “In comparison to the rest of your life which is so crazy.”



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