Rapper Cardi B shared shocking video footage of a Yacht Sinking in the ocean.

The “WAP” hitmaker captured the shocking video footage during a vacation with her husband Offset. She was shocked and shouted saying so many things during the incident. On Saturday (May 28), a short video clip was uploaded to Twitter by the rapper.

“I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink,” Cardi captioned the video on Twitter.”

Shocking footage:

She shouted, “What the fuck? Oh my, it’s sinking. Y’all see this? Oh my God, they can’t do nothing? There ain’t no big boat that could save it?”

Finally, the yacht sank into the ocean. During that moment, the singer said:  “It’s gone… it’s gone. Bye bye.”

The rapper shared an Instagram story saying that no one was injured in the incident. “Luckily no one was in there,” she wrote.

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