Sir Elton John says ‘I’m gonna kill myself,’ if he had to sing some of his songs again.

The 73-year-old singer has become bored with singing the same song again and again. Sir Elton John says that spending nights singing the same song makes him kill himself.

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Speaking to Record Collector, the singer shared how he felt after singing the same song again and again at concerts.

He said: I’m lucky to have so many great songs to play every night. But there is a point in time where you think, ‘I don’t really want to play this anymore.’

“There are things like ‘Original Sin’ or ‘(Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket’ that I haven’t really played before – not enough anyway.

“But if I have to go back and play ‘Crocodile Rock’ again, it’s like, ‘I’m gonna kill myself.’

“So, after I’ve finished this tour, I don’t want to play some of these songs any more.

“I’d like to do something like Kate Bush, where I can do a show and play some of these songs that are deep cuts.”

The ‘Sacrifice’ hitmaker has postponed his concerts due to the pandemic situation, which will also be his last touring dates before retirement.

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