Demi Lovato shares her latest single and music video ‘Skin Of My Teeth’.

As announced earlier last week, the ‘Ok Not To Be Ok’ hitmaker released a new music video titled ‘Skin Of My Teeth’ on June 10. The new track is featured on her upcoming eighth studio album Holy Fvck, which will be released on August 19.

The opening of the music video starts with Demi Lovato singing in a bathtub. She sings, “Demi leaves rehab again/When is this shit gonna end,” in the opening verse adding, “Sounds like the voice in my head/I can’t believe I’m not dead.”

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On June 9, a debut live performance of the song took place on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Watch Demi Lovato Performing ‘Skin Of My Teeth’ on the Tonight Show

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