New music video shooting outside Buckingham Palace. The mall was shut down for Harry Styles.

Outsiders have spotted Harry Styles lying on a bed and was dressed up in a Pyjama. The singer was shooting his new music video. Meanwhile, the singer is expected to release his third album this year.

The shooting took place outside Buckingham Palace with security guards surrounding the former One Direction member. An unknown person told The Sun:

“There was loads of security around him trying to move people away and the road was closed.

“They shut down the mall for him to film on a big bed surrounded by women dressed as hippies.

“Harry was wearing retro clothes and it was reminiscent of John Lennon’s famous bed moment with Yoko Ono.

“He was in the moment and not all distracted by people watching. It was freezing cold so at least he had bed covers to warm him up.”

A fan captured a photo of Harry waving at the Queen.

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