The Atlanta rapper 6 Dogs died on Tuesday (January 26). As reported the 21-year-old rapper dies by suicide.

With the rapper’s death, many 6 Dog fans and followers started to pay tribute on social media. The rapper who is famous for his hits ‘Flossing,’ ‘Someone,’ and ‘Faygo Dreams’ has inspired many individuals including upcoming rappers.

Rapper Yung Gravy has paid tribute to 6 Dogs on an Instagram post. “RIP Chase :’(
inspired me in so many ways and helped me grow as an artist and a person,” the rapper wrote alongside a picture of himself with 6 Dogs.

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Cole Bennett who directed Buttcheeks music video of 6 Dog has also shared a tweeter message to pay tribute. “Rest In Peace to a beautiful human being,” the music video director wrote.

As reported by Daily Mail, the Atlanta rapper had Covid-19 last year.”The musician, who is best known for the songs Faygo Dreams, Guccy Armor, Someone, and Flossing, revealed last year that he was battling COVID-19.”

The question is, did 6 Dogs died because of his mental struggle? According to The Sun, the rapper has started his career after becoming highly depressed. “In a previous interview, 6 Dogs said he started rapping as an outlet because he was “super depressed,” The Sun reports.

The rapper has said: “I was super depressed, you know, I still feel some type of way sometimes but for the most part I’m straight now, but I just needed an outlet.

“I’ve always wanted to rap. I remember just sitting in the lifeguard stand, the entire summer, 8 hours a day or longer and just sitting down and I was like ‘this sucks, I want to do something with my life.”

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