Alec Benjamin is one of our self-described narrators, and a heart-rending songwriter, all of his tracks provides various songs, multi-faceted worlds. As the title proposes, this song depends on the idea of the artist asserting that his “mind is a prison.” More specifically, he feels arrested by his very own ideas.

I’m a prisoner, a visitor inside of my brain

And no matter what I do, they try to keep me in chains

Alone with my thoughts again

Guess my mind is a prison and I’m never gonna get out

Mind Is a Prison – Alec Benjamin

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And keeping in mind that “Mind Is a Prison” is undeniably a moment of significant emotional trustworthiness. it isn’t one weighed down by a mind-boggling feeling of sadness.

So viewed comprehensively, this track can be considered to center on the overall futility of a person trying to get away from their very own mind.

Alec has concluded that he is “never going to escape.” However, he has not ‘given up on hope’ and will continue striving to understand a better day.

So we can say that everything considered, the track serves as a metaphor pointing to the idea of the singer embarking on the challenging task of attempting to change his mindset.

In the bridge of the track, Alec says he will not stop attempting to break out from this jail. He is supposedly stuck in. This is an impossible activity, and the sooner everybody understands that the better off they will be. If you backtrack, Benjamin does swell on the verses setting up his psychological anguish.

He amazingly sings, in the first verse,

I don’t live in California, I’ll inform you, that’s not where I reside

I’m just a tenant, paying rent inside this body and I

Mind Is a Prison – Alec Benjamin

Notably, he’s recently referenced his relationship with residing in California, “Jesus in L.A.”

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“Mind Is a Prison” – Alec Benjamin is exciting and provocative, most definitely. Let us know what you think of this song in the comment section below.

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