Selena Gomez has always made it her priority to help others and
she’s proving that to be true yet again with new education and advocacy campaign.

In case you weren’t aware, May is Mental Health Awareness month.

Selena Gomez is ahead of the game, per usual, and is planning something special for Mental Health Awareness month.

Last September, when she launched her makeup brand Rare Beauty, Selena also started the Rare Impact Fund.

which was launched with the goal of raising $100 million over the next 10 years.

A portion of every product sold as well as funds raised from partners go directly into that fund and back to the community. 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Rare Beauty is introducing a new education and advocacy campaign called Mental Health 101.

that’s focused on bringing more mental health services and financial support to schools.

During the month of May, Selena’s brand will be matching $200,000 of donations made to the Rare Impact Fund.

And she posts to Instagram to reveal why this cause is so important to her.

Gomez wrote quote, “I’m so grateful that we get to launch Mental Health 101. This campaign is so close to my heart because of my own struggles with mental health. I know first hand how scary and lonely it can feel to face anxiety and depression by yourself at a young age.”

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Selena gomez hopes this program will be a stepping stone for others that she wishes she had and she provided action items for those who want to get involved.

First and foremost they have a petition that you can sign. It only takes a few seconds.

join the thousands of people who have already signed.

Additionally, Selena started a GoFundMe page for the month of May and it goes up to $200,000.

And finally, she just asked fans to share the post and tag a friend to get the word out.

All pretty easy requests from our singer Selena for a cause that is so important! 

Selena will continue to speak out about Mental Health 101 throughout the month of May.

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