Popular YouTube star Belle Delphine makes a surprise return to YouTube with her new music video ‘I’M BACK’. She hasn’t appeared on social media since 2019.

Belle Delphine’s youtube channel has more than 900,000 subscribers. She posted the new video ‘I’M BACK’ on June 17, 2020. Belle wants to surprise her fans with this comeback video. So she added Delphine dancing, twerking, and singing in the video. Belle’s signature pink hair and a giant black bow added more color to the video.

Watch the video below

Belle Delphine is also popular on Instagram. She currently has 300,000 followers on Instagram. But previously she had over 4 million followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, her account was banned from Instagram due to not following guidelines. Instagram banned her for violating nudity guidelines. Belle’s new Instagram account name is @kittybelledelphine and her new TikTok account is  @babybelledelphine.

“Why was I gone for so long? well I wanted to come back earlier but I suppose jumping off a roof into a kids paddling pool wasn’t a good idea so I guess I had to stick with the rap video,” she posted on twitter.

Belle made her own account on a social media platform called ‘OnlyFans‘. This is an adult based subscription platform where users are charged with a fee for watching content. Belle charges $35 for a subscription per month.

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