Billie Eilish has become a rising star in the music industry. She has won more Grammy Awards at her young age.

Recently her mother spoke about some personal issues about Billie in an episode of Apple Music’s ‘me and dad‘. It’s an obsession with a star. It’s non-other than Justin Bieber, her mother said. So her mother ‘Maggie Baird’ has to take Billie for therapy. According to Billie’s parents, she has an obsession with Bieber’s famous music video for ‘As Long As You Love Me.’

“Driving to the dance studio with Billie playing this song, sobbing, and then driving back and sobbing. And the video and Billie talking about it, and being excited it was coming out, and just crying and crying. I just want to say, and we did consider taking you to therapy because you were in so much pain over Justin Bieber,” Billie’s mother said.

Billie also expressed her side of the story, how much she’s in pain. “There was a period where I cried every single day of my life when I was like 13, 14, 15. Every single day I cried. And 17, 18 I cried barely at all. I’m proud to say I barely cry anymore and its one thing I’ve overcome. This is a big deal. Not that it’s wrong to cry, but it’s a good thing I feel happier in my life, and I don’t want to cry anymore,” the singer said.

Billie also appeared in a short film click recently. Eilish appears in the video taking off her clothes as she sinks in the black liquid, in addition to narrating a strong message against body-shaming.

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