Billie Eilish delivers her take on recreational drug use with a new self-directed visual for “xanny.”Xanny is the sixth official music video from Billie’s breakout album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?.’ The title is a reference to the prescription drug, Xanax, used for managing anxiety.

On “Xanny,” the track also describes her sadness around the passing of her friend, rapper XXXtentaction.she wrote the tracks days after his death and her feelings at that time seem to appear in the song’s uneasy vibe. The song also discusses on Billie’s dislike for smoking cigarette.

But the Jazz inspired song also emulates the sound of smoke.

“I just wanted it to sound the way that it feels tocjust breathe in recycled breath. recycled poisonous breath, i may add.”

Billie Eilish

Finally, Billie says that she can’t keep friends who abuse drugs with no regard for their lives, while others die from a situation beyond their control. And she specially name-checks a hipster southern California. While this may be the first time Eilish has directed a music video alone.

She explained how she was involved in making music videos since she was a little kid during an interview with NPR in October 2019. maintaining that she was always successful in developing the visual aspects of her music career.

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