Cuban-American singer and songwriter Camilla Cabello‘s album Romance is finally out, and I have to say it’s pretty high. The album has a total of 14 songs, all of which, as promised, really depicts the many feelings of love. Unhealthy love, heartbreak, true love, falling in love with your best friend, love Shawn Mendes love. Yes, there’s even a song about Shawn and Camille’s friendship turning into something more.

The song is called used to this, and honestly, the dead giveaway it’s Shawn aside from the concept itself is the very first lyric that goes,

No, I never like san francisco…..

Used to This – Camila Cabello

And as we all know, that’s where Camilla and Shawn have their first kiss. The chorus then talks about getting used to their once spiritual friendship turning romantic.

Used to This Official Audio

It’s just beautiful, and honestly, this isn’t the only beautiful song on the album. There are many. and she said

“All of the stories are just my life and what’s happened the last two years,”

It’s an album completely different than her debut album, the rhythms that contain are very addictive, the lyrics are so deep that introduces you to Camila’s world of Romance, it’s such a masterpiece.

Romance Full ALBUM

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