Barack Obama’s 44-track shower playlist is out now. Check out Barack Obama’s 44-track shower playlist at the end of the article.

These tracks were revealed by Obama during Spotify‘s Renegades: Born in the USA podcast show, which is hosted by Bruce Springsteen. The podcast was released on February 23 by Springsteen and Obama. On the podcast, they mainly discussed the topics about their lives, America, and their love of music.

“I sing in the shower, I sing outside of the shower. I am unembarrassed about singing,” Obama jokingly said. “My daughters and my wife sometimes roll their eyes”.

The 44-track shower playlist includes 9 tracks by the host Bruce Springsteen and other tracks are by many other artists. Check out Barack Obama’s full playlist from down below:

This is not the first time where Obama revealed a tracklist. Last year he shared his Top Songs of 2020.

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