The ‘Dreams’ hitmaker Gabrielle plans to release cover songs of famous singers like Billie Eilish and Harry Styles.

However, the 50-year-old singer admits that she’s scared of doing covers of such “big names”. Gabrielle to release the album ‘Do It Again’ this Friday, which will feature cover songs of many artists.

In an interview with Entertainment Focus, the singer insisted that the fans will be surprised by her doing covers like ‘Everything I Wanted,’ an original song by Billie Eilish. Gabrielle said: “My daughter introduced me to Billie Eilish and the song ‘Everything I Wanted’. All these songs people wouldn’t actually expect to sing but I love them. People don’t associate me with liking someone like Billie but I love pop music.

“Having all these songs… ‘Falling’, ‘Fast Car’ which I’m familiar with and I love Tracy Chapman … we had ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna… Tackling songs that I’ve never sung before publicly and that nobody would associate me with was so much fun. When I finished recording ‘The Masked Singer’, I’d so fallen in love with them that the most natural thing to do was to put an album out covering these songs. A lot of the people around me were like, ‘Gabs, you’ve got to do those songs. You sound great’. I was scared because these are big names but I just had so much fun. It wasn’t a case of me trying to copy the songs exactly, but just doing my own take on it. The response has been amazing.”

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A few days ago, the ‘Dreams’ hitmaker announced her upcoming album ‘Do It Again’ on Instagram.

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