Daniel Nwosu Jr. aka Dax released a new song, “Dear Mom” on Mother’s Day. Dax dedicated his new music video to all loving mothers around the world.

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and dax also said, “This is more than just a song. It’s a poem. A letter from every child that’s ever existed. Words that I know billions of human beings have said to themselves but have maybe never had the chance to articulate. I’ll say it for us…”

Dear Mom Lyrics – Best Quotes

Dear mom, everything you did was worth it

All the sacrifices taken when the picture wasn’t perfect

I could see it in your face when I was young and all your burdens are reminders to keep pushing when I’m working on this circuit

Dear Mom – Dax

End of the music video Dax attaches the photograph with his loving mother. and Dax mentioned it, “1st time my mom saw me perform”

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