Halsey sends her wishes to her close beloved friend Machine Gun Kelly.

As everyone knows the ‘Bloody Valentine‘ hitmaker has been working on his album for the past few days. The ‘Be Kind‘ hitmaker has also got a chance to team up with her long time friend Colson Baker.

It has taken a long period for these two singers to do a collab since they knew each other for a long time. The singer twitted: “Can’t believe it took 7 years for us to do it but @machinegunkelly + I finally have a song together and it’s perfect! “Forget Me Too” is out now on “Tickets to my Downfall”!”

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‘Without Me’ star has also shared a post on Instagram to congratulate Machine Gun Kelly, while adding a photo of the duo.

She wrote: “Tickets to My Downfall featuring the song “Forget Me Too” is out now! The day has finally arrived that @machinegunkelly and I have a song together. I know it may seem impossible that we haven’t already done a song together, because we have been friends since the dawn of time. Believe me. It’s crazy even to us that it took so long to do it. Just seems like it’s a meant to be type of thing. And now it is. Here. And fucking SICK. I’m so proud of your reinvention Colson. You’ve always been a rockstar in everything you’ve done whether it’s acting, modeling, being an amazing father, or exploring other genres. But now you have a whole entire album full of songs that reinforce what we already know. YOU’RE PUNK AS FUCK, KID!!!!!!! Congrats!”

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