‘Be Kind’ music video is out now. Marshmello and Halsey release the official music video 3 days ago on YouTube. ‘Be Kind’ is a collaborative song between Halsey and Marshmello.

The video starts in a warehouse apartment where Halsey is sitting on a chair dancing. Halsey wears a pink top with her hair colored in pink. She also holds a yellow flower in her hands.

Checkout the Official Music Video below

Later the video shifts into an animated world with an amazing choreography from Halsey. The vibrant animated visuals, created by Halsey’s frequent collaborators, Hannah Lux Davis. The makeups are done by Halsey herself.

However, Marshmello appeared for a limited time in the video. He appeared through a robot. His appearances came out at the beginning and the end of the video.

The most amazing thing is that the video has already passed 4 million views on YouTube. Also, they filmed the song during the Pandemic period.

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