Rome residents sing Italian song ‘Bella Ciao’ from their balconies as the city remains under lockdown to contain a coronavirus outbreak, which has killed over 17,500 worldwide.

Bella Ciao, which is a song is including Famous TV series La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist Season.’

On Instagram, many Italians have posted clips singing along to the song from their balconies:

Italy currently has 69,176 reported cases of coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization. Italy has the highest death toll in the world. On Wednesday, officials from the country reported 6820 deaths from COVID-19.

Bella Ciao Lyrics – Best Quote

And the people who shall pass

(And all those who shall pass)

Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye!

And the people who shall pass

(And all those who shall pass)

Will tell me: “what a beautiful flower”

(And they will say: “what a beautiful flower”)

Bella Ciao – Manu Pilas

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