During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to offer to pay fan’s bills on Thursday night.

he said on twitter, “Hey guys, drop ur cashapp. Gonna send some of u some money to go get some food then stay inside”

Megan thee stallion made a similar status writing, Quote: “Hey hotties since y’all have been going so hard supporting me I wanna support y’all and bless them pockets real quick !!! We’re abt to have a #SUGASPREE! Drop y’all’s cash app names.”

As Corona Virus – COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world with an extremely high infection rate, cities around the United States have declared states of emergency and recommended that everyone stay inside as much as they can. But in addition to the value of bulking up on food and toiletries, many workers in the U.S. service production have to make the hard choice of goes to work — and venturing infection — or staying at home and potentially losing their primary source of income.

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